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Monroe copyThe consumer can spin the handles to see the effects of good versus bad shocks on vehicle handling and tread wear.

Dunlop logoInjection molded plastic coupled with printed graphics replicate actual motorcycle tread with interchangeable inserts for tools and brand guides.

valspar house paint colors logoConsumers can place paint swatches behind translucent room scenes to envision how desired colors will appear in their space. Storage and lighting improve functionality.

TruckHero logoThe metal floor stand effectively displays an assortment of mini-tonneaus that roll or fold back like the full size products.



Opportunity: Ford of Canada wanted to merchandise a “Good-Better-Best” tire layout since winter tires are required in some provinces of Canada.

The Solution: A heavy duty floor stand supports three full-size tires and wheels, informational wing panels, and an impactful back graphic.


Opportunity: Timberland needed a cohesive, eco-friendly display set to launch a new zip-up canvas moccasin.

The Solution: We produced metal floor stands and counter displays adorned with canvas graphics printed using eco-safe inks and zipper detailing to highlight the shoe features.

Monroe Merchandise Display

Opportunity: Tenneco wanted a new take on an old classic with additional branding options.

The Solution: We designed and produced a unique “Z”-leg stool and molded shocks along with a custom-printed seat that matched Monroe’s print and outdoor advertising.


Opportunity: Kellogg's cereal comes in all shapes and sizes, so they needed a universal dispenser for all of their cereal.

The Solution: Our team developed and patented an innovative twisting auger that moves every Kelloggs ™ cereal from the bin to the bowl smoothly, without any product damage.


Opportunity: Kellogg’s wanted a mobile station to distribute their breakfast foods- along with milk and fresh fruit- in K-12 schools.

The Solution: We designed an all-metal cart on heavy-duty casters with adjustable shelves, a removable ice tub for chilling perishables, and a large wire side basket for fresh fruit.

Monroe Merchandise Display

Opportunity: Tenneco needed an upscale but utilitarian promotional item for value added brand presence in independent service locations.

The Solution: We designed a custom wall sign with an illuminated LED clock and low-voltage LED light strips to highlight the printed shock, strut and Monroe logos.

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