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Opportunity: Federal Mogul asked us to develop an interactive merchandise display to illustrate how grease lubricates their bronze gusher bearing.

The Solution: We developed a demonstrator that created pressure inside the gusher bearing depicting how grease passed through the bearing wa

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Opportunity: Quick Lane Tire & Auto Centers needed an interactive approach to tire wear and product information to assist their service technicians.

The Solution: We engineered nine different molded tire tread patterns and designed four tire informational graphics- along with 3D info panels- for car batteries, wiper blades, filters, belts, and brake pads which all mount to their existing fixtures or straight to the wall.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017 08:23

Ford: Vehicle Accessories Display


Opportunity: Ford requested a vehicle accessories display that allowed size, brand, and product customization with an option for interactive technology.

The Solution: We designed a modular display with an adjustable bracket system for merchandising an array of accessories within a small display footprint. An optional touch screen tablet allowed customers to virtually design their customized vehicle.

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Thursday, 16 March 2017 08:17

Tour Edge: Exotics Golf Club Store Display

tour edge

Opportunity: Tour Edge needed a compact, small footprint golf club display that could still showcase any mix of left and right-handed drivers, fairway metals, hybrids and iron sets.

The Solution: We designed and produced a molded plastic rotating clip to accommodate both club type and handedness. A fourth neoprene-cushioned arm was designed specifically for iron sets.

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Continental Tire | Retail Store Display

Opportunity: In Canada, it is illegal to drive on tires with less than 1.6 mm of tread depth, so Continental Tire requested a visual unit for service staff to help explain tread wear.

The Solution: Our team created a molded tire with four depths ranging from 8 – 1.6mm that feels like a real car tire. The full display combines the tread with informational graphics, allowing customers to see, feel, and learn about the effect tread wear has on vehicle performance.

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